Rule 411 | Progressive Suspensions

Beginning with the 2014-15 playing season, the Progressive Suspensions rule will take affect nationally.   For more info click here

What are the steps to become (and maintain your status as) a coach?

Must attend the required clinic and complete the necessary online age-specific module(s) by December 31 of the current playing season to continue coaching on January 1.


Dear MHC:
As you will see the Frederick Cup this year is the same weekend that we start our MHC season. I have spoken with Lisa Williams from the Frederick Ice Rink and she has stated that any Montgomery County team that signs up for the Cup will not play any games on Friday night. She indicated that you will then be playing 2 games on Saturday. If you wish to play in the cup, Lisa does need to get from your team a “verbal” commitment by the week of August 18th. If you require any additional information concerning this tournament, please contact the Frederick Ice Rink.
Kathy Drzewicki

Congratulations to Wootton who won their 3rd Class 2A State Title with a 7 – 1 victory over Leonardtown.


 Click here for an article from the Washington Post


It is time that Montgomery County Ice Hockey Players receive the support and recognition they deserve from their county and schools.

Please use the link below and sign my petition asking MCPS to:  Make Ice Hockey An Official Varsity Sport.  Thank you for your help.
 Following Jeremy’s presentation to the Board of Education on 2/11/14, Jeremy received direct contact and had a meeting with board member Michael Durso.  Mr. Durso was very encouraging that Jeremy not give up, and was supportive of the effort.He provided the official document generated from the Board.  We then sent that document out to the several parents who attended the meeting with Jeremy, as well as the president of the MHC (and MSHL exec) John Drzewicki.  We received a great document from parent Don Harnois with feedback on the main issues.  We feel like the next step would be to formally resubmit the proposal addressing and countering the many inaccurate statements.  Mr. Durso did feel that having a student face on this was more effective and Jeremy is happy to continue to serve in that role.  We do, however, think that he does need a great deal more adult help, as he spent a full year and a half on this as the primary force.  We thought we would reconnect with Mr. Harnois and Mr. Drzewicki on the issue, and would love any additional help from anyone on our team or anyone else you think might like to be involved.
Here is a link to watch the video, and hear all the board member statements: